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Attain Committed Support to Uphold Norton Identity Safe

Attain Committed Support to Uphold Norton Identity Safe:

Norton Identity Safe lets you to securely manage your passwords and access your favorite site faster. It is designed simple and to use easily, it saves all your usernames and passwords and syncs them across your devices.
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Norton Anti-Virus with Firefox
Compatibility of Norton Anti-Virus with Firefox

While you make use of Norton’s anti-virus program, firewall or even other Internet protection services, you could still continue to run others programs that you usually use too, counting the Firefox Web browser. Nonetheless, although Norton products normally work well with Firefox, there may be a few exclusions. This can be really annoying at times! But you could take certain measures to ensure that the two programs work together more flawlessly.

Browser Compatibility

Norton anti-virus works well along with Firefox to identify viruses in pages you load and other file you may download, in the same manner like Norton anti-virus products do in any other browser. This implies that if you make a switch from a browser like Internet Explorer to Firefox, you would still be protected against viruses as well as other malicious software. The compatibility of Norton with every version of Firefox is good.

Norton Anti-Virus with Firefox

Norton Toolbar

A browser toolbar is included in programs like the Norton Internet Security 2012. When Mozilla issues updates to Firefox, the said toolbar may turn out to be provisionally incompatible which is exactly what happened when the Firefox 10 and 17 were released. Nonetheless, Norton offers updates to this software to ensure this issue is resolved. Just in case the toolbar is compatible with the Firefox version that you have but you are not able to view it, then just press “Alt,” select “Tools,” click “Add-ons,” and then, in the Extensions section, click “Enable” for the Norton Toolbar. If you require further Norton antivirus support, you can get in touch with the experts at

Norton 360 Conflicts

Few Norton products may still experience problems with the Firefox browser. This specifically holds relevance for 360, which comprises of a firewall function that has been reported to sometimes delete bookmarks from the browser. To solve this issue, open the Norton 360 program, further click on “Settings,” while you choose “Firewall,” and then select the “Rules” option. You will see Firefox in the list, just select it and click on “remove”, after which click on “Add”. Next you need to navigate to the exact location of Firefox browser on your PC that happens to be generally the ‘C drive’.  Here, select “firefox.exe.”  and then choose “Allow” as soon as the prompt asks you about what would you want to do with this program.

 For any further assistance, call on our Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number: +1-800-589-0948, anytime you face an issue with your antivirus program.

Norton antivirus Support
How to Manually Uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012

Norton antivirus is a premium antivirus program that is helpful in protecting the system from various types of virus problems including malware, adware, spyware and spams. However there are certain circumstances when you want to uninstall Norton antivirus program from your system. Norton Antivirus 2012 is a hard antivirus program to delete. Many times, users can’t even see this antivirus program in the Uninstall or Change a program list, so they couldn’t uninstall it from the system. Nonetheless, you can uninstall this program manually from your system. Read further to learn how to manually uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012. Additionally, you can consult our Norton Tech Support experts to get a better view on this.


Install the newest version of Norton Antivirus 2012

Before you try to completely uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012, you should install the newest version of the Norton Antivirus 2012 install package from the official website.

Log into your system as Administrator

Now, log in to your computer as Administrator. Before you go ahead with the uninstall process, save your personal files and also backup the whole Registry Editor.

Launch uninstall Norton Antivirus command

Click on the Start menu and then select All Programs. Then navigate to the Norton Antivirus File Folder and choose uninstall Norton Antivirus command. You can hire Norton technical support services to know the effective uninstallation process easily.

Locate Norton Antivirus Files

There are chances, that you might enter the C:\ Program Files folder where you will find two Norton folders namely Norton Antivirus and Norton Installer. You may have to delete these Norton leftover files later.

In the uninstall window, choose to remove all user data

In the Norton Antivirus 2012 window, select the second uninstallation preference asking if you want to delete all the user data including store passwords and quarantine contents.

Press Next to proceed with the Uninstallation

In the Norton Antivirus 2012 message box, against the option asking you if you want to Uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012, choose Next alternative.

Reboot the machine

Wait for the uninstallation process to finish automatically. Restart the computer when the uninstallation is finished.
In this way you will be able to manually uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012 from your system. For any query or issue regarding Norton Antivirus, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-800-589-0948 for quick technical solutions.

How to Solve Norton Antivirus Errors on Windows 10?

Norton antivirus is available for different versions of windows OS with full-fledged functionality across the platforms. If you have upgraded your system to windows 10 and now looking to install Norton Antivirus, then be prepared yourself if there is any error comes while Norton installation or at the time of using this antivirus for virus scanning. Below you can find troubleshooting process of different types of errors of Norton antivirus.

Norton Not Showing after Windows 10 Upgrade

To fix this issue you need to download Norton Fix Tool and run it as an administrator. It will detect the problem and most probably will ask to update with latest version of Norton antivirus and install the same into your system. However, if a window for updating not comes, then go to your Norton account and download the new setup.


After Windows 10 Upgrade Norton not launching

To fix this issue you have to use Norton Remove and Reinstall tool because before downloading this tool you have to uninstall Norton from your system. After removing Norton restart your system to make sure the complete removal of this antivirus from your system. After restart, now you have to reinstall Norton into your computer as per the instructions. And if you face any technical problem or error you can get Norton antivirus support.

Norton Antivirus Error 8504 or 104

This error indicates that your system has another antivirus program or installation is not completed while upgrading the Norton antivirus into your system. The later error means there is some issue with driver of HD graphic card and you need to update the driver or install the latest version of the graphic card driver and restart your computer.

Norton Antivirus Error 3048 & 3     

When you not download the latest updates of Norton antivirus, then such error appears. To remove this error, go to security and click on Live Update to check the latest update. Once latest updates detected download the same and restart your computer system to see the effect. Norton technical support is also available to fix such errors.


Norton Antivirus Error 8505 & 129

This error is directly associated with Network proxy settings and you need to go to LAN settings and make sure none of the proxy server is selected, if checked then uncheck and press ok before exiting. To fix this error, configure network connection settings on windows through internet protocol where open properties where types IP under Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS server boxes and then press ok to apply this IP settings. And if you face any kind of technical issues just call on Norton support phone number.

How to Disable Norton Antivirus in Few Easy Steps

Norton Antivirus developed by Symantec is one of the premium antivirus programs available in the market. It is specially designed to protect your computer from any type of virus and harmful threats. It efficiently safeguards your systems from any potential threat that can attack your computer through internet on daily basis. However, Norton Antivirus is considered a heavy antivirus program by many users. Users have also reported that when they try to install some other program on the computer, Norton antivirus has a tendency to interfere in the installation process and cause problems. Due to these problems, users choose to disable Norton Antivirus till they install their preferred programs. Read the following blog to learn how to disable Norton antivirus program in few easy steps. Alternatively you can also consult our Norton Technical Support experts to get detailed guidance on this topic.

How to Disable Norton Antivirus

Locate the Norton Icon in your System Tray

In the system tray of your computer, there are several icons located on the bottom-right corner of your Windows desktop. These icons represent the current running programs on your system. Locate the Norton icon on your system tray. In case you don’t find it, click to see the hidden icons.

Right-click on the icon

Now right-click the Norton icon which will show a list of options. From the list of options, select “Disable Antivirus Auto-protect”. As it is an active part of Norton Antivirus, disabling it will switch off the running antivirus protection.

Select the duration

You can choose the duration for which you want to disable your active Norton antivirus protection. It is advisable that you shouldn’t use internet without having active antivirus protection.

Norton Antivirus support

Re-enable protection

Once you are done with the task for which you have disabled the protection, right-click on the Norton icon again and choose “Enable Antivirus Auto-Protect”.

In this way, you will be able to disable Norton Antivirus in few easy steps. For any query or issue regarding Norton Antivirus, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number.

How to Uninstall Symantec in Macintosh 10.0x
How to Uninstall Symantec in Macintosh 10.0x?

Symantec is a popular antivirus company that manufactures reputed antivirus products like Norton antivirus and Norton Internet Security. If you are using Symantec product in your computer but are not satisfied by the results you have expected from it, there are high chances that are you are thinking to uninstall it. There are certain things that you should consider when you are trying to uninstall Symantec from your computer. Symantec is available on various operating systems. If you are using it on Macintosh 10.0x operating system, you should have to follow these instructions to Uninstall Symantec in Macintosh. You can also contact Norton Customer Support experts to get a step-by-step guidance on this topic.

Uninstall Norton Internet Security in Mac OS X

Locate Symantec Solutions

Open Mac “Finder”. In the Finder, navigate to “Symantec Solutions” which must be located in the Applications Folder.

Download Symantec Uninstaller

Now you have to download Symantec Installer. For this visit the official website of Symantec and click on the download link to download the installer. Wait for some time as the application is being installed on your computer. Once the program is downloaded, double-click on the application icon to run it.

Choose the Symantec products to uninstall

In the “Uninstall Symantec Products” window, select the products you want to uninstall. After selecting the products, click on Uninstall to remove the products.

Confirm the selection

You will see a confirm popup window. Click on “Uninstall” option to confirm the selection of the products you want to uninstall. You may be asked to insert your administrator user name and password. Type these entries and click on “Ok”.

Restart the computer

Select “Close” to close the application and reboot the system so that it could apply the changes.


In this way, you will be able to uninstall Symantec from your Macintosh 10.0x computer. For any query or issue regarding Symantec antivirus products contact our Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number .

Secure Your PC with Norton
How to Secure Your PC with Norton?

In today’s advance world of computers and technology, more and more virus threats are attacking the internet every day. If not taken care of, these harmful threats may not only affect your computer system, but they can also steal sensitive information from you. This may further lead to financial loss and identity theft. However you can take some easy steps to ensure the safety and security of your PC. Read the following blog to learn what you can do make your PC secure. Additionally you can also consult our Norton Antivirus Support team to get expert advice in this regard.

How to Secure Your PC with Norton

Choose a strong Operating System

Operating System is a major factor that decides the security of your computer. For example if you choose Linux, you will be relieved to know that there are no active viruses for this operating system. You can also choose Windows 10 for its advance security features. Constantly update your operating system for latest security features.

Select a reliable Web Browser

Keep in mind that majority of virus threats and malware attack through web browsers, hence it is very important that you choose a web browser that has very less vulnerabilities. According to developers, Google Chrome is a secure web browser with lesser security vulnerabilities.

Use a Strong Password

Choosing a strong password is another crucial factor in securing your PC from hackers and other harmful threats. Also choose robust passwords for your router and other settings. Keep in mind to change them frequently.

Always download from trusted sources

Whenever you choose to download software and games, always download them from the official websites or trusted sources only. Usually scammers and virus creators embed harmful malwares and viruses in software programs, so never download any software from doubtful or unreliable sources.

Install a premium antivirus like Norton

Installing a reliable and effective antivirus program like Norton antivirus increases security of your computer. Norton antivirus has several efficient features that not only provides dependable virus protection but also helps improving the performance of your PC. Don’t forget to update your Norton antivirus program frequently for latest security updates and virus definitions.


These useful tips can ensure safety and improved security of your PC. For any query or issue related to viruses and Norton antivirus program, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number 1-800-589-0948.

Disable Norton Antivirus in Windows
How to Disable Norton Antivirus in Windows?

Norton antivirus is one of the best antivirus programs available in the market. It has been reviewed as one of topmost antivirus programs that are very efficient against various types of virus threats. It safeguards Windows users from malwares, adware, spyware, spams, Trojans and other virus threats. However on certain occasions, you may decide to disable Norton antivirus program so that you can install some important program that requires you to disable the antivirus program. Read further to learn how to disable Norton antivirus in Windows. Alternatively you can also consult our Norton Antivirus Support expert to get a step-by-step guidance on this topic.

How to Disable Norton Antivirus in Windows

Locate the Norton icon on System Tray

In order to disable the Norton antivirus, you have to locate the program. There is a very easy and quick way by which you can perform this. On desktop, there are several icons on System Tray. These icons are of the programs running in the background. Locate icon of Norton antivirus on the System Tray.

Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect

Right click on the Norton icon, which will open a list of options. Among the list of options, choose “Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect” option. Disabling this function will turn off the actively running virus protection.

Select the Duration

While disabling the antivirus protection, you will get the option to decide for how long you want to disable the program. You can either choose to disable the program for a specific period of time or you can disable it till you reboot the system. You can also disable it permanently; however you should refrain from doing that as browsing internet without active antivirus protection could be harmful for your system.

Re-enable protection

Once your requirement for disabling the antivirus protection is done, you should enable the virus protection again by right-clicking on the Norton icon.


In this way you will be able to disable Norton Antivirus in Windows. For any query or issue regarding Norton Antivirus program, you should contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number 1-800-589-0948.