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The device is at Risk while using Public Wi-Fi- Run Norton for Assured Security

Norton Internet Security Software by Symantec Corporation is an antivirus program that offers protection against malware, infection and other adware and removal of the subscription period, which utilizes marks to check infections. Its different highlights and usefulness incorporate the items are close to the home firewall, email spam sifting, and phishing security. For protection, the antivirus program needs a right process to get access for which we the third party customer service offers Norton Support for the Norton users who require our help.

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Norton antivirus Support
How to Manually Uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012

Norton antivirus is a premium antivirus program that is helpful in protecting the system from various types of virus problems including malware, adware, spyware and spams. However there are certain circumstances when you want to uninstall Norton antivirus program from your system. Norton Antivirus 2012 is a hard antivirus program to delete. Many times, users can’t even see this antivirus program in the Uninstall or Change a program list, so they couldn’t uninstall it from the system. Nonetheless, you can uninstall this program manually from your system. Read further to learn how to manually uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012. Additionally, you can consult our Norton Tech Support experts to get a better view on this.


Install the newest version of Norton Antivirus 2012

Before you try to completely uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012, you should install the newest version of the Norton Antivirus 2012 install package from the official website.

Log into your system as Administrator

Now, log in to your computer as Administrator. Before you go ahead with the uninstall process, save your personal files and also backup the whole Registry Editor.

Launch uninstall Norton Antivirus command

Click on the Start menu and then select All Programs. Then navigate to the Norton Antivirus File Folder and choose uninstall Norton Antivirus command. You can hire Norton technical support services to know the effective uninstallation process easily.

Locate Norton Antivirus Files

There are chances, that you might enter the C:\ Program Files folder where you will find two Norton folders namely Norton Antivirus and Norton Installer. You may have to delete these Norton leftover files later.

In the uninstall window, choose to remove all user data

In the Norton Antivirus 2012 window, select the second uninstallation preference asking if you want to delete all the user data including store passwords and quarantine contents.

Press Next to proceed with the Uninstallation

In the Norton Antivirus 2012 message box, against the option asking you if you want to Uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012, choose Next alternative.

Reboot the machine

Wait for the uninstallation process to finish automatically. Restart the computer when the uninstallation is finished.
In this way you will be able to manually uninstall Norton Antivirus 2012 from your system. For any query or issue regarding Norton Antivirus, contact our Norton Antivirus Support Number +1-800-589-0948 for quick technical solutions.

Identifying the Common Errors of Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus security product is one of the most forceful internet security softwares that provide complete protection from virus or malware attack to different range of devices like desktop computers laptops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets etc. However, due to technical specifications and improper use it can show a technical error. And here below understand the indication of top error of Norton.

Error Code 3048 3: This is a very common error usually appears mainly at the time of installation that crashes the running program window and the main reason of this error is installation not completed successfully. Besides this, this error can also appear when at the time of installation windows registry corrupted or windows system files has been infected due to virus threat. And, there are numerous reasons because of that Error occurs, if you don’t find the reason you can contact to Norton antivirus support.

 Error Code 8504 104: This error embarks when your computer system already have internet security software or another antivirus device. This error can arrive because of failed installation when software product is upgraded with the latest version. To avoid this error, you need to uninstall the other antivirus and completely remove from hard disk to allow Norton installation with help of Norton technical support.


Error Code 8506 421: This error is very common that can be removed by restarting your computer. Though, due to some other setbacks it can arrive again which can be overcome by reinstallation after uninstalling the Norton antivirus. To carefully and successfully remove the Norton antivirus you need to download the Norton removal tool with the help of Norton antivirus technical support services.

 Error Code 3039: This error occurs very often during the installation and use of Norton antivirus. Appears in different similar codes like Norton Error “3039 1” or “3039 65559, these series of errors can arrive when a particular security feature of Norton in completely installed. You can fix this error uninstalling and reinstalling the Norton antivirus product which is possible when you use Norton antivirus removal tool.

Error Code 8505: This error is directly associated with proxy settings of your computer network which can be solved by reinstalling the Norton antivirus. After installation, run advance scan to remove unwanted settings and malwares which you can do with the help of Norton Power Eraser. And despite of these efforts if errors continues call to Norton antivirus support phone number for online support.   

Facebook Virus
How to Clean up a Facebook Virus with Norton?

Facebook is a popular social media website and is used by over a billion users worldwide. Facebook not only has a huge customer base but it is also prone to get attacked by various types of virus. It is common to hear that some friend or relative has got his Facebook account hacked or get infected by virus. If you are among those people who have been affected by a Facebook virus, you should either take expert help of our Norton Customer Support team or you can choose to implement the following guidelines.

How to Clean up a Facebook Virus with Norton

  • First check if your account is hacked or not. Login into your Facebook account and change the password.
  • Always keep in mind to fully log out when using Facebook on mobile. Never assume that you are logged out until you see the confirmation screen. Remember that if you are not properly logged out, anyone can access your account just by knowing your email address.
  • If your friends are telling you that they are receiving the same kind of emails or unwanted spams from you, there are chances that you have virus on your system.
  • First wipe out your internet cache, history and temporary internet files folder.
  • Use Norton Security Scan to scan your whole system. Delete or remove any virus found after scanning.
  • Download and install CCleaner software but run only cleaner and registry part of the program.
  • Now change the Facebook password again.
  • If your virus problem still persists even after following the above procedure, you are advised to perform system restore and go back to one of the checkpoints before the day when you started having the virus issue.

Hopefully you will be to clean up the Facebook virus by following these steps, however if you still face this problem, you can take help of our professional Norton Antivirus Support team.