Google discovered Symantec and Norton Antivirus Vulnerabilities to PC

Google discovered Symantec and Norton Antivirus Vulnerabilities to PCs

Norton 360, built by Symantec Corporation is a big vulnerability to your computers and other device as it works as an antivirus but it opens the gate for the online threaten without your knowledge.

The report of the new flaw in Symantec Antivirus has been discovered by Google’s Project Zero. Sometimes the antivirus software may be making your computer more vulnerable to hackers instead of protecting it. You need to update it immediately by taking help through Norton 360 Antivirus Support Number. The service keeps you up to date with each and every feature and function of the software and is accessible all the time.

Symantec antivirus software, which affects “the core Symantec Antivirus Engine used in most Symantec and Norton branded Antivirus products. The issue is a gaping security flaw that makes it incredibly easy to hack any PC, Mac or Linux box running Symantec software. The experts report says that Norton antivirus allow hackers to completely compromise people’s machines by simply sending them malicious self-replicating code through unopened emails or un-clicked links. It also includes that the exposures affect millions of people who run the company’s endpoint security and antivirus software.

The unpackers work by parsing code contained in files before they’re allowed to be downloaded or executed. Because Symantec runs the unpackers directly in the operating system kernel, errors can allow attackers to gain complete control over the vulnerable machine. The problem is that the unpacker program Symantec uses is itself vulnerable to attack, because it doesn’t properly handle distorted software designed to confuse it. Mismatched parameters can prompt a memory-buffer excess in the unpacker, letting an attacker slip in malicious code that can grab control of the Symantec or Norton antivirus software.

Thought Symantec is aware of the flaw and has declared fixation for the flaw, but yet your devices are not protected properly. If you use Symantec or Norton antivirus, you should run the Live Update tool, and check for patches.  The flaw itself is due to a buffer excess, the same kind of programming infection that caused the notorious Heartbleed infection. But what makes this particular flaw unsafe isn’t the infection itself; it’s where in the system the code is unpacked. On Windows machines, Symantec is unpacking potential malware directly into the kernel, which as one a big risk for the user.

To know the fixation that has discovered by Symantec and to update the antivirus on a regular basis, you should have support from the experts of the Norton Antivirus support service as they can guide better prevention from the online threats and the flaw. To avail the service, you need to contact at Norton 360 technical support number1-800-589-0948, as it is the easy way to get more detailed information about the flaw and its fixation.