How to Solve Norton Antivirus Errors on Windows 10?

Norton antivirus is available for different versions of windows OS with full-fledged functionality across the platforms. If you have upgraded your system to windows 10 and now looking to install Norton Antivirus, then be prepared yourself if there is any error comes while Norton installation or at the time of using this antivirus for virus scanning. Below you can find troubleshooting process of different types of errors of Norton antivirus.

Norton Not Showing after Windows 10 Upgrade

To fix this issue you need to download Norton Fix Tool and run it as an administrator. It will detect the problem and most probably will ask to update with latest version of Norton antivirus and install the same into your system. However, if a window for updating not comes, then go to your Norton account and download the new setup.


After Windows 10 Upgrade Norton not launching

To fix this issue you have to use Norton Remove and Reinstall tool because before downloading this tool you have to uninstall Norton from your system. After removing Norton restart your system to make sure the complete removal of this antivirus from your system. After restart, now you have to reinstall Norton into your computer as per the instructions. And if you face any technical problem or error you can get Norton antivirus support.

Norton Antivirus Error 8504 or 104

This error indicates that your system has another antivirus program or installation is not completed while upgrading the Norton antivirus into your system. The later error means there is some issue with driver of HD graphic card and you need to update the driver or install the latest version of the graphic card driver and restart your computer.

Norton Antivirus Error 3048 & 3     

When you not download the latest updates of Norton antivirus, then such error appears. To remove this error, go to security and click on Live Update to check the latest update. Once latest updates detected download the same and restart your computer system to see the effect. Norton technical support is also available to fix such errors.


Norton Antivirus Error 8505 & 129

This error is directly associated with Network proxy settings and you need to go to LAN settings and make sure none of the proxy server is selected, if checked then uncheck and press ok before exiting. To fix this error, configure network connection settings on windows through internet protocol where open properties where types IP under Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS server boxes and then press ok to apply this IP settings. And if you face any kind of technical issues just call on Norton support phone number.