Identifying the Common Errors of Norton Antivirus

Norton antivirus security product is one of the most forceful internet security softwares that provide complete protection from virus or malware attack to different range of devices like desktop computers laptops, netbooks, smartphones and tablets etc. However, due to technical specifications and improper use it can show a technical error. And here below understand the indication of top error of Norton.

Error Code 3048 3: This is a very common error usually appears mainly at the time of installation that crashes the running program window and the main reason of this error is installation not completed successfully. Besides this, this error can also appear when at the time of installation windows registry corrupted or windows system files has been infected due to virus threat. And, there are numerous reasons because of that Error occurs, if you don’t find the reason you can contact to Norton antivirus support.

 Error Code 8504 104: This error embarks when your computer system already have internet security software or another antivirus device. This error can arrive because of failed installation when software product is upgraded with the latest version. To avoid this error, you need to uninstall the other antivirus and completely remove from hard disk to allow Norton installation with help of Norton technical support.


Error Code 8506 421: This error is very common that can be removed by restarting your computer. Though, due to some other setbacks it can arrive again which can be overcome by reinstallation after uninstalling the Norton antivirus. To carefully and successfully remove the Norton antivirus you need to download the Norton removal tool with the help of Norton antivirus technical support services.

 Error Code 3039: This error occurs very often during the installation and use of Norton antivirus. Appears in different similar codes like Norton Error “3039 1” or “3039 65559, these series of errors can arrive when a particular security feature of Norton in completely installed. You can fix this error uninstalling and reinstalling the Norton antivirus product which is possible when you use Norton antivirus removal tool.

Error Code 8505: This error is directly associated with proxy settings of your computer network which can be solved by reinstalling the Norton antivirus. After installation, run advance scan to remove unwanted settings and malwares which you can do with the help of Norton Power Eraser. And despite of these efforts if errors continues call to Norton antivirus support phone number for online support.